Flying Lead Changes


The term flying lead change is an equestrian term. It is a way of balancing the canter, or slow gallop, when your horse changes direction in a round arena. There is something about this term that I love. It sounds daring, horsey, and equates riding with flying,   


I have ridden a long time, at least thirty-five years, but would not classify myself as an expert. After a bad fall, nothing broken, it took years for me to get over my fear of falling again. Though the years I rode other people’s horses. This makes you a better rider, but it’s hard to trust a horse you don’t know. I have leased horses for the past fourteen years and can now predict most of the time what he will do. This decreased my level of fear.  New techiques help me to become a better rider and keep us from being bored.


Why am I writing of flying lead changes in a blog about PWS you may ask? I think it can be a medifore in our experience of being Special Need’s Parent’s. None of us would choose for our children to have this syndrome. It sometimes takes us down a dark path, where there are no clear road signs. How do we cope?


The path I chose was keeping myself healthy. I balanced myself by taking time for myself. You can do this, it’s not selfish. Yes, it’s a word we hear often, then think “oh, one more thing I have to do.” It is not a “have to” it is a choice. 


Preparing for the lead change there is a moment where we slow the pace for an instant. We look ahead to the next direction. Do we want to spend our lives resentful of this syndrome?  Or do we want to live our precious life rebalancing to face the next turn in the arena of life?


At the group home where my son lives Stepping Out, all the resident’s work hard for their rewards. They do workouts that strengthen their bodies. They run races, lift weights, and play games. They live a balanced life while fighting the syndrome.


When I hear of my friend’s children upcoming marriage or college graduation I mourn a future that will never be, then breathe deeply and rebalance.